Hardware based security and trust.



Microelectronic systems are integrated into all sectors of modern society. Individuals rely on mobile computing, home automation, and smart cars to manage their lives. System builders, government, industry, and military rely on sensor networks and command and control infrastructures.  Energy companies are building the smart grid and incorporating new information-sharing and control systems. Announcements of security breaches into corporate systems are in the news nearly every day. Whole-Tree2 Malicious adversaries have expanded opportunities to steal private information, destroy property, or subvert systems in a manner that may result in injury or loss of life.

We need radical changes in security and trust technologies.

Our vision at Trusted & Secure Systems is to provide an iron-clad, hardware-based, security and trust foundation for modern electronic systems as a countermeasure to the increasing level of risk and vulnerability that exists in such systems.   Our hardware-oriented security and trust (HOST) foundation is based on security and trust primitives or STPs. There are key differences in our proposed STPs, over other hardware and software-based technologies.

Our STPs:

  • Provide each component of the microelectronic system with a unique DNA-like identity that is very low cost and unclonable,
  • Are designed to integrate into existing systems with minimal design changes, and
  • Are hardware-based and are therefore immutable.


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