Hardware based security and trust.

Growing Concern


The increasing volume of news stories related to security breaches, counterfeiting, identity theft, and intellectual property theft attest to the fact that hardware-based security and trust is needed now for both current and future systems.


It is both exciting and somewhat disconcerting to witness the rate at which microelectronic systems are proliferating into personal, industrial and government computing and control systems.

Proliferation increases the vulnerabilities of such systems by creating an ever-widening opportunity for malicious adversaries to steal private information, destroy property or worse, subvert systems in a manner that results in the loss of human life.Trunk2

These problems are becoming particularly acute with the proliferation of mobile computing and the debut of new information-sharing systems such as the health information exchange, control systems within the energy smart grid, home automation systems, car electronics, and the cloud and sensor networks.

A new approach to security and trust needs to be taken to counter the advantage made available to adversaries by the increasing complexity of software and hardware and the additional flexibility provided by mobile devices to maliciously interact with these systems.

Our goal is to provide commercially-attractive products where security and trust are rooted in the hardware as a means of addressing these very significant challenges.


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