Hardware based security and trust.

Market Approach





The features of TruSecSys’ proposed technologies will significantly improve the security and privacy of information and communications accessed from mobile platforms and in the cloud such as personal bank accounts and email.







The trust features of TruSecSys’ proposed technologies will allow tamper to be detected in security sensitive systems, such as electronic voting machines, electronic security systems, sensor networks, and control and command systems that manage the smart grid and transportation infrastructures.




 This PUF technology will also be able to implement new authentication-based systems that allow electronic components to be tracked as they move through the supply chain, as a means of thwarting attempts to insert malicious clones or to substitute genuine components with lower quality or recycled components.



Secure Systems rely on a solid root of trust at the hardware level. This technology addresses the Rootsneed for new hardware-oriented capabilities and mechanisms for protecting our increasingly vulnerable microelectronic systems in the market today.


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